Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a stand-up guy.

When he was temping at an AIDS support office that provided counseling, referrals, literature and more, he brought me a grocery bag full of free condoms. It may as well have been Christmas. We grabbed them by the fistful and threw them around the room like confetti. I wanted to share the wealth. I dumped a pile on my friend’s bed, so when she got home from work she would be greeted by nights of worry-free safe sex. It was a joyous time.

Not since college had condoms been as free and as plentiful as when Brian Johnson was temping. As adults we had to start spending actual money we earned on boxes of condoms at the store. And they usually only had six at a time. It was pathetic. Adulthood is stupid.

When Brian Johnson got laid off at the AIDS center due to cut-backs, he started working at the Red Hen Bakery. He started bringing home bags and bags of leftover muffins, scones, and croissants.

Brian Johnson is a stand-up guy.


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